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Freq 145.350 -600Khz, NET @ 9.30PM

As per the ambition of Late OM Sivachandra Das VU2 CSD, a VHF repeater station was established at Kollam with the help of radio enthusiasts. This is the only repeater station in Kerala working consistently since 1997. The frequencies allotted for the repeater is 145.350 Mhz with standard negative shift of 600 Khz. To supervise the activities and its maintenance of the repeater, THE CSD REPEATER CLUB was formed with Dr. K Jayakumar VU2JKR, Professor and Head of the Dept. of Neuro Surgery, Medical Collage, Kottayam as the President and VU2KGN K. G Nadarajan as the secretary. The Club has about twenty five members in Patron, Donor and Life categories. The repeater is at present fixed on top of Arcon Building near Collectorate. Many field days were conducted at different hill stations viz., Baliyankunnu, Nedumbana, Panayam, Jadayu Para, Ayiravilly, Kochu Pampa & Sabarimala for locating the repeater at a suitable place. Presently the repeater is heard at Trivandrum, Adoor, Kayamkulam and Mundakkayam and sometimes at Cochin too. The repeater is homebrewed by VU2 DEV and the antenna is made by VU2GT.


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