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22 January 2020

Our patron goes Off Air

Deeply regret to inform you that our most beloved Patron, former President and the one and only a pillar of Quilon Amateur Radio League OM K.G Nadarajan VU2KGN left us on 22nd Jan 2020. He was such a soft-spoken gentleman, a strong personality and the main strength behind QARL. He was such a stalwart in Ham Radio Operations. As a mark of respect, many hams from different parts of India came to his residence. May his soul rest in peace. We pray Lord Almighty to give his family the strength to bear this big loss. It’s a big personal loss for QARL. KGN was a Godfather figure to many SWLs on paving their way to ham radio fraternity. Dear KGN, we will always follow your advice of not fearing anything and to face the situation with confidence as you taught us. You will always be cherished in our lives, Rest in Peace Sir.

With tears and sorrow

26 July 2021

VU2SYT signs off from ham bands

Deeply regret to apprise that our most beloved president of Quilon Amateur Radio League (QARL) OM P. Surendran, VU2SYT left us on 26th July 2021. He was such a soft verbalized gentleman with vigorous personality and the main strength of QARL. He was the hon'ble secretary of QARL for a period of 32 years and further the president until now. The QARL members were engulfed with sadness when we learned of SYT's passing. We inscribe this to let you know how much SYT will be missed by everyone of QARL and hams across the state as well as the country. SYT was a very special person and someone we always relished being with both in the club activities and in the bands. He was the controller of lake city morning net for years in HF on 7.085 MHz. Auricularly discerning his stories from his experiments with ham radio always captivated us. He accomplished a lot in ham radio fraternity and we have always revered his zealousness for exploration in amateur radio.

With tears and sorrow

01 January 2020

Hamfest India 2020

Being the 100th year of Amateur Radio activities in India, the HFI 2020 Vagamon, Kerala, expects a large number of Delegates. The exotic location of Vagamon adds to the value of the event

Hamfest India 2020 will be declared open at the special venue that will be built adjacent to the Indo-American HRD campus, Vagamon at 11 hours on 21st November and will be concluded after lunch on 22nd November. This will be an event for Radio Amateurs, organized by the Radio Amateurs. We will not waste time in formalities and we do not propose to invite outsiders for the inaugural function. The event will start with the invocation by a team of youngest call sign holders chosen from the delegates. The event will be professionally managed by a team of hand-picked Amateurs/SWLs.

Stalls are allowed from 9 AM to 9 PM on 21st and 9 AM to 4 PM on 22nd. The organizing team will be available at the venue from 20th morning until 23rd afternoon to support the Delegates for travel and accommodation related support. The local VHF repeaters and the call channel (145.500 MHz) will be live for coordination / support.

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